Back Pain and Health News for January 1, 2014

Well, Happy New Year!!  Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year and many more. Today we have articles with advice for your new year resolutions. Are you Type A or B and how does that affect your back health. A new mattress for the new year? Maybe. Long lasting pain killers.

Resolve not to look back in anger to get rid of back pain

For the new year it’s time to look forward not back.  Holding on to old resentments can hurt you mentally and physically.  This article self help article by Debbie Mandel at gives insight into how repressed anger and fear affect your back and health in general.

Holiday Fun Without Back Pain

Stand with a wide stance. Move around a lot. If you have to stand a lot, take breaks and sit to rest your back and feet.  These are just a few of the tips from Katherine Braun at the Huffington Post.  And like she says “keep your body attached to your brain.” Don’t push yourself.

Acute back pain? Blame it on your ‘Type’

Do Type A or Type B personalities have bad sitting and driving postures?  According to this research, you are more prone to back pain if you are this particular ‘Type’. The story is in by Pratiksha Zunke.

Picking a mattress to reduce back pain

Should you get an extra firm mattress? Or one with memory foam? Or latex core organic. Or maybe just an air mattress? Dr. Moshe Lewis at SFGate Health has some really good information and advice for anyone looking to get a better mattress and a good nights sleep.

Thoughts on the Latest Long Acting Opioid

For those suffering chronic pain and taking opioids on a regular basis, the new extended release forms of medication could be a new alternative. At Medscape, Doctor Charles E. Argoff, MD, discusses the newly FDA approved Zohydro™ ER extended release opioid.  He discusses the risks and benefits to these new types of pain killers.


5 Habits for a Pain Free New Year

Dr. Erin Waychoff, CEO of Pain Stop Clinics shares some of her own habits to live pain free.

A New You for the New Year

Everybody has some advice you for the new year.  Five easy ways to improve your health for 2014 from ABC News. These goals actually sound reasonable.

Mackie’s tips for a healthy New Year

And lastly, here’s health and fitness expert Mackie Shilstone discussing diet, exercise and reducing stress.  It’s not a long discussion, but some good tips here.

That’s all for now.

Again, Happy New Year!!



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