Back Pain and Health News 12-30-2013

Well, the new year is almost here.  I have a few stories for you today.  A woman visits the Dr. 15 times for back pain that turns out to be cancer.  Ever want to sleep on a bed of nails? Might be good for you.  Does acupuncture work or is it all in our minds? Is exercise or surgery best for a herniated disc? Cold laser therapy looks like something out of Star Trek, but it’s here and it works. And hot yoga.

Doctors fail to spot mum’s cancer despite 15 visits for back pain

Woman dies after months of obvious symptoms

From Andy Dolan at the Daily Mail

When this poor woman went to the hospital the first time with severe back pain and stomach pain, she was told she had to correct her posture.  After at least 15 visits to a medical center, she was finally diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  By then the cancer had spread and she died three months later.

A sharp mat to relieve holiday stress

From William Hageman at the Chicago Tribune.

Ever want to sleep on a bed of nails? Believe it or not, the makers of this particular bed of nails claim that it helps relieve stress and back pain and even insomnia and constipation.  When something claims to relieve so many things, I’m skeptical. But take a look and decide for yourself.

There are 13 Possible Causes of Flank Pain


Your flank is the area of your back and sides below your ribs and above your pelvis.  I was wondering myself.  From arthritis to shingles to pancreatitis, there are a lot of things that can cause pain in this area.  If you have flank pain, take a look at this article and see if you should see a doctor.

New Study Exposes Acupuncture as PseudoScience

From Lauren F. Friedman at Business Insider via SFGate.

This is an interesting study since it really gives more credence to the power of the mind to overcome physical pain and heal the body itself.  Read and decide for yourself.  I’ve seen other studies that show other outcomes.

Surgery vs. non-invasive treatment: Which is better for herniated discs?


I’m no fan of surgery. But this study seems to show that surgery for herniated discs actually results in better outcomes based on the patients’ own self assessments of their results.  I am  a fan of whatever works best.


Cold Laser Back Pain Remedy Medical Course

From Adami Adar – The Drs.  Honestly, this is the first time I’ve seen this therapy.  Cold laser treatment works, but takes several treatments.  And it looks really Cool!!

Tips to Decrease Back Pain and Increase Circulation

From Health.  If you have to stand all day or drive a lot, the doctors in this video give some really good advice for relieving back and leg pain.

Elastic Band Exercises for Cure Upper Back Pain

From For you upper back pain sufferers, here are some stretches that you might want to try if you have an elastic band.  I have more ready access to doorways, but the elastic band looks like it might be worth investing in.

New Yoga Trend Turns Up the Heat

From Yahoo Health.  Moksha Yoga – Hot yoga. Moksha yoga is practiced in a room where the heat is turned up to 90 to 100 degrees.  

Thanks for reading.  Stay Positive!!



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